Part of Climate & Capital’s mission is to highlight great work being done to take action on Climate Change from people we trust.  One of our favorite impact advisory firms is Cornerstone Capital, run by the irrepressible Erika Karp. Cornerstone has just put out two reports on climate investing – just in time for the United Nation’s Climate Action Summit.  

Scaling Climate Action: A New Framework for Climate Investing

Much has been written about the physical impacts of climate change. Less talked about are the impacts of climate change on your financial assets.

In No Place to Hide, Cornerstone warns that asset managers cannot simply avoid climate risks by moving out of vulnerable asset classes.

In Scaling Climate Action, Cornerstone offers a new framework to help investors to better align their investment goals with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13, which is to take urgent action on climate change. Cornerstone’s Access Impact Framework helps investors identify relevant “access themes” that offer tangible investment ideas and helps to measure the impact of those investments.

[Climate & Capital offers its deepest condolences to the family of Cornerstone Capital Board board member Alex Navab. Before striking out on his own, Alex was a great colleague at KKR, leading the firm’s North American Private Equity business and helping transform KKR into one of the world- leading, and most respected alternative asset managers. Alex, RIP]