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Climate and Capital Review

is an online news and commentary platform that brings together the best thinking and best practices on doing business in the era of climate change.

Maximizing shareholder value—historically the metric by which commercial success is measured—can no longer be thought of in a vacuum. Indeed the concept is rendered meaningless if its ultimate application exacerbates the already existential nature of our planet’s climate crisis.

There is a vast, vibrant, but underreported, conversation underway among entrepreneurs, climate scientists, investors, NGO’s, policymakers and leaders of corporate America who see the opportunity. A new way of thinking is emerging that refuses to wait for governments and politicians to act and instead is engaging the issue directly.

Much like the anti-apartheid movement in the 1980s, grassroots pressure for climate justice is beginning to make an impact on some business leaders who accept that climate change is a risk (and opportunity) and are taking public stands to make their industries more sustainable.

Our Readership

Climate & Capital’s target readership includes enlightened, forward thinking C-level executives who are leading businesses and industries that have enormous impact on the crisis at hand. It is entrepreneurs furiously dreaming up ways to make billions on the positive opportunities posed by climate change. It is investors, large and small. It is policy makers and regulators seeking multilateral solutions to this global problem.  It is the academics and students, who along with journalists will explore new and unheard of ways to combat climate destruction.

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